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Latest Version - 2.3.9

This Wikia is dedicated to the Korean Game App SUPERSTAR SMTOWN! Developed by DALCOMSOFT and distributed by S.M. Entertainment, it is a rhythm-based game that features artists such as BoA, TVXQ!, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO, Red Velvet, NCT and more! There are over 400 songs to play and master, along with features such as a card upgrade progression system and league play. Join this community and check out the Reddit page /r/superstarsmtown/ to learn more about the game and get connected, as well as the discord for Superstar rhythm games!

This is a WIP (Work in Progress)

This Wikia is just starting out so we're looking for users who both know about the website and the game. Please contact the Administrative Team if you are interested in contributing on a large scale.

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To-Do List

  • Top priority: Finish all group pages (See below). Red Velvet needs one, for example. Links to pages found on the Groups, Cards, Themes, and Scoring tab.
  • Make a page about gifting under the Misc. section. (Update changed a few things such as only being able to send packs with purchased diamonds, not ones earned)
  • If you haven't, update your user profile with favorite pages and whatnot!
  • Upload gameplay (on screen recording on hard preferably) for each song, linked by the music and tracks page + group album pages
  • Add content to profile pages for each of the groups in the game such as bio, discography, etc (link to the group's page is under the groups section)
  • Create album pages for each album represented in the game (see the Pink Tape page for album example, Pinocchio page for repackage example, Electric Shock for mini-album example, and PARTY for single example) and link to group profile page and theme (if applicable).
  • Add Scoring section to "Groups, Cards, Themes, and Scoring" (Started but incomplete, anyone is welcome to edit)
  • Please categorize the albums and singles to the 'Album & Singles' category so it would be easier to direct all the albums and singles.

Please delete these bullets as they are completed or edit them as things change! If you are currently working on a single page project, please put your name in parentheses next to the item so no one does overlapping work!

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Gameplay during Twinkle by Girls' Generation-TTS