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  • Q: How do I log in with another account?

Go to your 'profile' by pressing the pink rectangle in the top-left corner of the screen. Then, scroll down and on the bottom-right of the screen there should be a button called 'Switch Account'. 

  • Q: Why is my phone / iPad / tablet not registering my taps?

​Unplug your device if it is charged as it could lower the touch sensitivity. Exit all running apps and if your phone is overheating/too hot, turn it off to cool it down as a hot device could affect gameplay.

  • Q: I forgot my password! How can I retrieve it?

Click here to reset your password. Enter the email that you signed up with and then you'll be able to make a new password.

If your account was hacked or you don't remember your registered e-mail, you can email to try to retrieve your account. E-mail them with your information like what league you're in, profile picture, your username, the cards you have, RP, diamonds, headphones, etc. Be specific on what your emailing them about as they are not native English speakers.

  • Q: "Device is logged in by another user"?

This message appears when someone else logs into your account. It could also be because of the server.

  • Q: The game is lagging!

The lag could be because of you playing on an old device, 'power saving mode' (Samsung), poor internet connection, or too many people are logging on.

You can also lower the visual setting by pressing your name (Top left-hand corner) and scrolling down to find the visual settings. 

  • Q: Am I able to play Superstar SMTOWN on my computer/laptop?

You are able to have Superstar SMTOWN showing on your computer/laptop using BlueStacks, but you are only able to play on easy and normal by mapping your keyboard. 

Note that BlueStacks is only on Android and iOS users will have to use other programs such as AirServer to mirror their screen onto a PC. 

Go to BlueStacks and follow the instructions to play Superstar SMTOWN on your PC. 

To be able to play on easy and normal in BlueStacks go here.

The Superstar SMTOWN Wikia is not responsible to any damages inflicted on your devices.

  • Q: How long is [Insert song here]? / If I get [Insert score here], how much RP can I receive?  

Click here for things such as the information for most of the songs in the game, an RP calculator, a score calculator, and the amount of diamonds given in each league.

  • Q: What is Chinese Superstar SMTOWN? How can I get it?

All information for Chinese Superstar SMTown is on this page here.