Superstar SMTOWN is a popular game and has been released in multiple countries, but sadly most of those countries are just isolated to the Asian East. For the rest of the world, the game is hard to get due to it not being available on app stores. This guide will help users who want to install the game to be able to play!


Click here to download the APK for QooApp. QooApp is an app store not too dissimilar from the Google Play Store. To download the apk, you have to have "Unknown Sources" turned on underneath security settings. When QooApp downloads and you are in the app, go to the top right and search for the game. Simply download the game from there and you will be good to go! The game will update automatically thanks to the fact it was downloaded through QooApp.

If that fails, try searching "Superstar SMTOWN apk" on google and looking for a file with a recent update [Current version is 1.3.1]. You should be able to also download the game straight from an apk, but you will have to do this each time the game updates.


Go to your settings and then navigate to your iTunes & App Store category. Choose to view your Apple ID (Login if necessary) and then change your country region to the Republic of Korea (대한민국). Tap next and then agree to the terms and conditions.

On the next page it will ask for billing information, but you can just select none. For the billing address, just enter a fake one (Make it Korean, postal code format is ###-###). After this you should be able to go to the store and download the game after searching for it.

If the App Store does not allow you to select 'none', you will have to make a new account. Click here to learn how to make an account without a credit card. When choosing your region, instead of changing it to 中国, change it to 대한민국 (Republic of Korea).